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Interview with TTNG / intervju s TTNG

Danas je u "Novom listu" izašao intervju s TTNG, koji nam u petak (13.09.) sviraju u Životu. Intervju je moguće pročitati u tiskanom izdanju novina, ali i on-line: http://www.novilist.hr/Scena/Glazba/TTNG-Nek-bude-jos-lude-nego-zadnji-put

The chaps from TTNG did a short interview for Croatian newspapers "Novi list". Here is the official Croatian version: http://www.novilist.hr/Scena/Glazba/TTNG-Nek-bude-jos-lude-nego-zadnji-put

Tim Collis
And here is the English version... Oh, wait, we almost forgot, but Tim Collis (guitarist) answered the questions. And HUGE THANKS to Ivana Kocijan for the questions and opportunity to publish it in printable edition of the papers.

Novi list/Ivana Kocijan: Do you remember your last concert in Rijeka? How was it?
TTNG / Tim Collis: Yes, it was crazy (in a good way!). We played in a small bar and within minutes of starting our set, a guy came on stage, took his shirt off and started screaming the lyrics to one of songs down the microphone. It was surprising to say the least and we expect something to top it this time.

NL: Could you tell us what happened with the band since then?
TTNG: Things have been pretty busy for us - we finished the album, played some shows in Europe and Scandinavia, went to the US and played some shows with Tera Melos (which was great!) and we've also done a few festivals this summer in the UK. We've also begun work on our next album following a month of writing in Brighton, UK. We're hoping to have it all ready by the first half of next year.

NL: What could you tell us about your new album?
TTNG: was a step up for us in terms of production. We had a bit more time to experiment and try new things whilst we were in the studio and it was great to have new ideas form Henry (who had joined the band part way through writing the album). We were really please with the sound which was massively helped by working with producer Ed Rose who came over form the US to work with us.

NL: You are currently touring to promote your new material. How are things going on tour? Where will you play after you visit Croatia?
TTNG: Things are going great thanks. We're currently on tour with Mylets (aka Henry Kohen) who is also on the same record label as us (Sargent House). It's been really fun to have him on this tour - he's a super talented and funny guy but he makes us all feel pretty old as he's only 18! After Croatia, we head to Italy for a couple of shows before hitting Switzerland, Germany for a couple of shows and finish up in Paris before heading home for a week and going back out to the US (again with Mylets).

NL: You've toured in a lot of places, but is there anywhere you haven't been that you'd like to go?
TTNG: I think it'd be pretty cool to go to South America, I hear Chile is nice…

NL: With a new year, a new album and a new line up in year 2013 you also decided to change the name of the band. Could you explain the decision to change your name to the acronym TTNG?
TTNG: The three of us were never really a fan of the name and with more and more touring outside of the UK (where the name wasn't seen as just a silly band name) we decided to make it explicit that it was not a statement we actually wanted to put out into the world. We just wanted to clear up that the name wasn't a political statement or anything. Also, changing the name linked in with the change in lineup and the new phase of the band we have now begun.

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